iHeartMedia, Now Ready to take on the Market of Paid Streaming


Music streaming services are taking the market by storm and in the midst of this tough competition, iHeartRadio has already topped the list of music streaming services. Now the company is ready to take a step further in music streaming by announcing its plans of entering into the market of paid streaming. Continue reading


Music Streaming: The All New Musical Era is About to Begin

Gone are the days when music files were required to get downloaded first before listening, because today is the time of its easy and quick alternative, music steaming. It is the new favorite of all the music lovers, many of its amazing features make it highly desirable than the traditional music listening and storing methods. It not only saves your precious time that you used to spend previously while downloading, but it also provides top sound quality and numerous other useful features.

Rise of streaming, whether it is of streaming music or video has completely changed the landscape of music within the last few years. For reference, if we take a look at the graph given below, generated by market realist, we can clearly notice the percentage of increase that came in streaming in the year 2014 in comparison to 2013.

Where on one hand the demand of stream audio has increased up to 60.5%, stream video to 49.3%; there on the other hand sale of digital albums, digital tracks and CD album has decreased considerably. Continue reading

Music Streaming Through Tidal- What You Need to Know

Tidal splashed onto the music-streaming scene in early 2015, when prolific rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z acquired the Norwegian/Swedish service. The rapper-turned-mogul stirred controversy by introducing the highest subscription charges on the market, then justifying it by repeatedly stating that musicians have not been making a fair amount of money through other streaming channels. His position was backed by a coalition of other pop music superstars and part owners who frequented press releases donning enough jewelry and designer clothing to feed a small country.


Naturally, many critics were quick to pounce on the absurdity of Tidal’s ‘starving artist’ argument, but though the backlash endured, it’s undeniable that several key Tidal features have won the support of many listeners. Continue reading

Advanced Features Added to HEOS App

HEOS by Denon Mobile App

There was a recent news release about the audio giant Denon Electronics, releasing new set of features and additions to the HEOS App just to let its users feel its amazing sound effects.

Denon Electronics has years of expertise in manufacturing home and personal audio products, had last year launched its HEOS series of wireless multi room audio system. Just to make them more creative and innovative and more user friendly these upcoming enhanced features are surely in the best interest of the brands. Based on feedback from customers as well as Denon’s own staff, the list of new features and additions to the HEOS App gives music lovers even more reasons to be amazed in 2015.

We all know the smartphones have now become the part and parcel of our lives. These have made our lives very easy. The HEOS app which is currently available for iOS and Android™ is now available for Kindle™. Kindle users can now download the HEOS app from the Amazon app store, for use on their Kindle Fire and Fire phone devices. Continue reading

iHeartRadio Tops the List of Music Streaming Services

In my previous post I had discussed tips on selecting best streaming services for you where I described in detail about selecting music streaming service as per your requirements. Now I have come up with another music streaming service iHeartMedia which was recently introduced.

iHeartMedia has over 245 million monthly listeners in the U.S. It serves over 150 markets that too with 859 owned radio stations. Its radio stations are channeled quite well with music streaming possible on AM/FM, satellite radio, HD digital radio, also on the Internet at iHeartRadio.com

iHeartRadioiHeartRadio is one of the top digital radio platforms which provides all in-one music streaming and also live radio, with over 700 million downloads. Its other major breakthrough in the digital world provides access to about 20 million registered users that too faster than that provided by any other digital service in Internet history. Its major milestone achieved was by reaching upto 50 million users which is even faster than Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Continue reading