Combined Excellence of HEOS and Amazon Prime

HEOS by Denon and Amazon have joined hands together and made an important announcement that Amazon’s prime music will be accessible from HEOS wireless multi-room sound system. Prime members of Amazon prime can easily access playlist of millions of songs through HEOS app available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

Amazon Prime is now available on HEOS by Denon

VP of Digital Music for Amazon, Steve Boom stated “We are excited to bring Prime Music to Denon’s HEOS sound system to give listeners even more ways to access all of their favorite music available as part of the Prime membership. We are always looking for new innovative ways to ensure our Prime members have the best music experience and we think they will love listening on Denon’s high-quality wireless sound system.” Continue reading


Music Streaming Devices – Need of today’s era

Those who are new to this term Streaming Music, should know that it is a way to deliver sound without the necessity to download different audio format files. Say for example music services such as Spotify makes use of this method to let listeners listen to songs that can be very well enjoyed on various music devices.

Some years back streaming of music was new concept and common user was unaware of its benefits but nowadays it’s very much in boom. There are many ways to stream music and if you talk about video it’s possible for that as well.

Music streaming services are the convenient ways to let you listen to music. Audio giants like Pure, Samsung, HEOS by Denon, Jabra have launched their wireless multi room audio systems which are dedicated music streaming devices and are mentioned here as below: Continue reading

Tips on Selecting Best Music Streaming Service for You

Music has nowadays become part of our lives. And especially if it is available on a smartphone or iPod then you simply can resist listening to it. Those who are audiophile have registered themselves at an iTunes account, but purchasing music for download can be costly.  Here plays the magic of going for music streaming service. They do not take up much of space in your phone simply can be played for free.

Instead of buying or downloading a set of songs of your choice it is better to go for streaming of music that you want to hear.  This is suitable for those who wish to listen to variety of songs that too in one go. Continue reading