iHeartMedia, Now Ready to take on the Market of Paid Streaming


Music streaming services are taking the market by storm and in the midst of this tough competition, iHeartRadio has already topped the list of music streaming services. Now the company is ready to take a step further in music streaming by announcing its plans of entering into the market of paid streaming.

The two new subscription services of iHeartRadio that are iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access are set to launch in January 2017. To improve the radio listening experience, company is going to use on-demand functionality for the very first time.

President of iHeartRadio, Darren Davis said that “For the first time ever, when listeners hear a new or favorite song on the radio they can instantly replay a song and even save it directly to a playlist. We are reimagining radio — with the new technologies and offerings powered by our on-demand options, music discovery, music collecting and the power of community and companionship fostered by live radio and influential and trusted personalities. iHeartRadio is now combining it all for the first time; there’s no other digital music service that can do this.”

Between the two new services, iHeartRadio Plus will serve like other on-demand services, in which listeners will be able to instantly replay and save the song they like into the playlist. Listeners of iHeartRadio Plus can also have unlimited song skips. iHeartRadio Plus is going to be a similar product like Pandora Plus.


iHeartRadio All Access is going to be a full on-demand music subscription service and more in line with services like Spotify, Google Play, Tidal or Apple Music. This All Access service will still remain tied directly to radio.


Both the services will remain on the network of 858 traditional broadcast radio stations of U.S. and this is going to be a strong marketing tool for the company. As far as the pricing is concerned, $5 and $10 are the estimated prices for iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access, as the company has not made any official announcement yet.

However, the amazing music from iHeartRadio can be listened either simply by downloading the iHeartRadio app on mobile devices, or by streaming music from the audio devices of some popular brands, with which iHeartRadio is in collaboration with such as Denon HEOS, Google Cast etc.

It can be said that with the introduction of these two new services, iHeartRadio is ready to capture the revenue from both types of listeners, one who are more passionate about music and another who are just casual listeners. But, at the end it is going to benefit the listeners because increased competition always lead to reduced prices and better service.


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