Music Streaming: The All New Musical Era is About to Begin

Gone are the days when music files were required to get downloaded first before listening, because today is the time of its easy and quick alternative, music steaming. It is the new favorite of all the music lovers, many of its amazing features make it highly desirable than the traditional music listening and storing methods. It not only saves your precious time that you used to spend previously while downloading, but it also provides top sound quality and numerous other useful features.

Rise of streaming, whether it is of streaming music or video has completely changed the landscape of music within the last few years. For reference, if we take a look at the graph given below, generated by market realist, we can clearly notice the percentage of increase that came in streaming in the year 2014 in comparison to 2013.

Where on one hand the demand of stream audio has increased up to 60.5%, stream video to 49.3%; there on the other hand sale of digital albums, digital tracks and CD album has decreased considerably.

Music Streaming Market Growth

Streaming is the method that works on the principle of continuous flow of data. The data flows between the sender and the receiver making it a real time data transfer without the need of downloading and saving on hard disk. By looking at the increasing trend of streaming, it would not be wrong to say that in future it will become the first choice of all the listeners. It gives the freedom of listening or watching any album anywhere and anytime, without wasting a fraction of a second on downloading.

There are a number of music streaming services available that let a user listen to his favorite track either free or with minimal charges such as Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Google play, Deezer and Napster etc. All you need is a music streaming device and installation of any such application. By looking at the increasing trend of music streaming, many top audio & video system manufacturing companies have also come up with music streaming devices such as Denon’s HEOS.

Let’s now take a look on some other advantages of music streaming:

  • Easy Storage: Traditional methods of storing music such as downloading used to take a huge amount of storage space that mostly resulted in requirement of high capacity hard drives, deletion of other tracks etc. But, with the arrival of music streaming, this problem has vanished completely. With streaming, there is almost no limit of the number of tracks you can add to your playlist which is then stored on cloud storage, so there is no need to manage the storage space. You also don’t have to back it up and the access is extremely easy through online account as a subscriber.
  • Cost Effective: Music streaming services are highly cost effective. The best of music can be enjoyed with minimal charges without the need of buying expensive music albums of different artists. It also makes the process of choosing albums completely hassle free.
  • Increase Artists’ Fan-base: Streaming music is not only beneficial for music lovers, but it is also equally rewarding for the artists. They get reach of maximum listeners, resulting in increased popularity, fan base, and thus increased revenues.
  • Allows Social Music Sharing: A user can act as a DJ among friends or can also follow their recommendations by the social music sharing platform of music streaming services. This adds up to the fun of playing music.

How it is Beneficial for Users

A number of music streaming service providers are available now days with a variety of useful features. Users are having the advantage of choosing the one that suits them the best. Music streaming service providers are not only focused on providing the best music to their listeners, but they also provide many different options to help users get the best out of music that make them highly beneficial for users. Some of them are listed below:

  • Privacy Settings – Where on one hand, streaming gives listeners the freedom to share music socially with friends, there on the other hand, it also allows them to set certain privacy settings that let them keep their favorite audio and video private.
  • Unmatched Sound Quality – Streaming offers super high quality music to its listeners that makes it more desirable and also ensures a bright future of streaming music.
  • Smart Caches and Playlist Editing – Many other features such as smart caches to store the most played tracks in an offline mode for quick loading and option of editing playlist make you select the tracks you love the most.
  • Sound Equalizers – Many music streaming applications come with the feature of sound equalizer. A listener can set the bass or treble of music as the way he likes.

These features are extremely useful and time saving and make streaming a delight for music lovers. With all these points we can say that streaming music is going to have a tight hold on the market of music in the coming future. Stay tuned with us for more updates on streaming music.


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