Advanced Features Added to HEOS App

HEOS by Denon Mobile App

There was a recent news release about the audio giant Denon Electronics, releasing new set of features and additions to the HEOS App just to let its users feel its amazing sound effects.

Denon Electronics has years of expertise in manufacturing home and personal audio products, had last year launched its HEOS series of wireless multi room audio system. Just to make them more creative and innovative and more user friendly these upcoming enhanced features are surely in the best interest of the brands. Based on feedback from customers as well as Denon’s own staff, the list of new features and additions to the HEOS App gives music lovers even more reasons to be amazed in 2015.

We all know the smartphones have now become the part and parcel of our lives. These have made our lives very easy. The HEOS app which is currently available for iOS and Android™ is now available for Kindle™. Kindle users can now download the HEOS app from the Amazon app store, for use on their Kindle Fire and Fire phone devices.

Let me take you through the features added to HEOS App which are listed here as below which can give music lovers more reasons to enjoy music listening on HEOS wireless speakers.

  • HEOS had added iHeartRadio which is a cloud music source to give its listeners access to various live AM/FM radio stations from different parts of the country hence letting them create custom stations.
  • SiriusXM™ is another commercial-free music service that can provide premier sports talk and also live events, comedy and news. All this is in the access package as subscription is sold separately. It lets HEOS users listen to more than 155 SiriusXM Internet Radio channels.
  • Denon has worked on improving the stereo pairing functionality for the HEOS 3 speakers.
  • Those users who do have good collection of iTunes® the HEOS multi room audio system can very well support ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec).
  • By the use of a HEOS Link with any Denon or Marantz IP-based A/V receiver or preamp it can now support AV/AVR IP control.
  • Another good news for all HEOS users is that now its products can very well accept command signal from any third-party control manufacturer. These Denon’s third-party control partners are still under development and will soon be available.
  • Denon has also added podcast for TuneIn Internet Radio and its support for iOS & Android™, and these have made the content stored on users’ mobile devices quite easy to share.

Hopefully these advancements done in the HEOS app will surely be beneficial from user’s perspective.


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