iHeartRadio Tops the List of Music Streaming Services

In my previous post I had discussed tips on selecting best streaming services for you where I described in detail about selecting music streaming service as per your requirements. Now I have come up with another music streaming service iHeartMedia which was recently introduced.

iHeartMedia has over 245 million monthly listeners in the U.S. It serves over 150 markets that too with 859 owned radio stations. Its radio stations are channeled quite well with music streaming possible on AM/FM, satellite radio, HD digital radio, also on the Internet at iHeartRadio.com

iHeartRadioiHeartRadio is one of the top digital radio platforms which provides all in-one music streaming and also live radio, with over 700 million downloads. Its other major breakthrough in the digital world provides access to about 20 million registered users that too faster than that provided by any other digital service in Internet history. Its major milestone achieved was by reaching upto 50 million users which is even faster than Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Recently at the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2015 iHeartRadio has made announcement regarding its partnership with some audio brands. These brands are working towards bringing in many devices into the marketplace with the iHeartRadio enabled service.

Let me discuss here four of these audio brands with whom iHeartRadio is integrated:.

HEOS by Denon: Although radio came into existence much before when the advanced audio devices did not exist. In fact there was not much linkup between the music audio system manufacturers and music streaming sources including live radio stations. However in the end of 2014, Denon Electronics came up with the announcement of iHeartRadio’ integration with HEOS wireless multi-room sound system to provide music streaming services.
The most extravagant feature of iHeartRadio content is that it can help you to get connected to whatever room you want and play music from live radio stations. You can also get connected with the app, via iOS or Android-powered device with the use of wireless home internet connection. Hence the sleek and compact designed wireless home speakers can let you enjoy music fullest through iHeartRadio. HEOS speakers support music streaming apps like TuneIn, Pandora, Spotify, and Rhapsody.

Google Cast for Audio: The recent collaboration of the audio giants with new Google Cast for Audio is a good news for many music lovers. Out of all it is embedded with iHeartRadio which is one of the first app available on Google Cast for Audio. It however works on the same technology used for Chromecast speakers, sound bars, and also A/V receivers. Here also like Chromecast consumers you can use the cast button from iHeartRadio and go for Google Cast Ready speaker to listen to music. Google cast for audio is available for HEOS by Denon, LG and Sony speakers.

Sony: iHeartRadio announced its integration with Sony Products. In the February 2015 month, the iHeartRadio app is going to be there on the leading consumer electronic products by Sony. It includes Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 systems.

LG: Here also it was for the first time, that iHeartRadio became available on LG connected devices which included 2015 LG Music Flow Wi-Fi Series home audio lineup it came into existence this week. Recently LG featured iHeartRadio in its one of the LG’s event and announced that it will be available by using the convenient Music Flow Player app. It hence allowed, its users to access about millions of songs that too via many live radio stations without any problem.


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