Wireless Speakers That Created a Buzz in 2014

Since my entire childhood days I have been noticing how the audio world is changing fast with the speed of light. Gone are those days when you were supposed to pay a huge amount of money to buy an audio system for your room. Which obviously lacked feasibility and better sound quality features. And the major facility like portability didn’t even exist.

Nowadays things have changed entirely. Now audio brands have launched smallest speakers which can deliver superb sound quality. It clearly depicts size doesn’t matter anymore. You can easily plug the device into the speaker just to source the music.

With the introduction of the NFC and/or Wifi or Bluetooth speakers lot many revolutions were brought by the leading audio world giants and hence meeting the upcoming user demands and excelling in their business.

I have come up with few top rated wireless speaker units which created a buzz in recent times. There are many well established brands like Bose, Sonos, etc. HEOS by Denon has also come up in this list with the launch of its wireless speakers in mid-August last year. The launch of these wifi speakers by HEOS by Denon gave a direct competition to Sonos wireless speaker range this news was much in talks.
Let me take you briefly into the best searched or top rated wireless speakers for year 2014.

Tizi Beat Bag:

Tizi Beat Bag


If you want something that looks little bit different and elegant in style go for this speaker. Its shaped like a bag hence called a Tizi Beat Bag. It is a two-sided curved speaker with a black finish. The top part of the speaker is made like a handle and is also quite portable hence making it easy to carry from here and there. Reason being it can be charged easily with a rechargeable battery. Hence you can take it along on a car ride or any camping trips.

Yantouch Diamond+:

Yantouch Diamond

As the name itself says it looks like a diamond which is the shape of the speaker and is favorite among many because of its design looks. It consists of a smart lighting system that changes pulses as per the music type you press via remote hence making you fall asleep. Its named as it looks like a diamond-cut pattern.

This marvelous speaker has a sunset simulator-sleep which is in sync with your sleep pattern. At night to let you fall asleep it dims both the lighting and also music hence helping you to go cozy in bed and sleep tight.

Once you wake up the speaker automatically sets in again with semi light music and wakes you up from deep night sleep to shallow sleep. All this is possible with the use of the remote control which comes along with it and hence makes its operation easy.


HEOS 3 Wireless Speaker

This is smallest of the set of 3 wireless speakers launched by HEOS by Denon. This is a good deal if you want to use it for small to medium sized rooms all depends upon your preference and usage. This has also come up with superb features like play cloud music, music stored on phone or tablet, USB and NAS sources. It consists of two channel class D amplifier, with controlled state-of-the-art digital signal processing hence making the speakers bring out the sound quality of higher grade.

Now after reading their features which one you have decided to buy. Do send me your choice I am waiting!


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